EPINET Project Acknowledgements

This website is a collaborative effort of the EPINET project team, however a project of this kind always builds on the work and expertise of our colleagues, collaborators and fellow researchers. In no particular order we would like to thank:

Stuart Hungerford
Stuart Hungerford for design and support of the original Epinet site.
Olaf Delgado Friedrichs
Olaf Delgado Friedrichs for development of the SyStRe software package, which we have used for a large part of the network analysis, including topological uniqueness and Space Group identification. Also, for prior research into Combinatorial Tiling theory using Delaney-Dress symbols.
Michael O'Keeffe
Michael O'Keeffe for many years of collaboration and encouragement.
Gerd Schroeder-Turk
Gerd Schroeder-Turk for some beautiful images of minimal surfaces, and the surface patches to generate them.
Christophe Oguey
Christophe Oguey for figures of infinite-tile tilings in the hyperbolic plane, and many useful discussions over the years.
Drew Whitehouse
Drew Whitehouse for pSpace, the visualisation software that underlies the visualisations of surface tiling images.
Jonathan McCabe
Jonathan McCabe for large amounts of timely system administration support.
Jason Ozolins
Jason Ozolins for valuable advice on many Linux system administration and development issues.
David Palmer and Mike Conley
David Palmer and Mike Conley for CrystalMaker support.
The ANU Supercomputer Facility
The ANU Supercomputer Facility for graciously hosting the EPINET website and software.
The Australian Research Council
The Australian Research Council (ARC) provided financial support for the EPINET Project during 2005-2009 via a Federation Fellowship grant to Stephen Hyde.