3D Nets known by other names

The EPINET researchers have collected some well–known examples of 3–periodic networks. This list is currently very small—we plan to expand it as we further develop the site. In the meantime, if you recognise a net within the EPINET database that you would like to see identified on this page, please contact us.

Click on the small image of each network to see a larger image of that network or click on the network name to see a page of details for that network.

Note on notation: The lower–case three–letter names are those used by Michael O'Keeffe in his RCSR (Reticular Chemistry Structure Resource). The upper–case three–letter names are those used by the International Zeolite Association. Names of the form KF 3/4/c9 refer to Koch and Fischer's enumeration of homogenous sphere packings.

To see all of the known networks on a single page, use this link

Image Network Other Names Space Group Space Group Number Symmetry Class Chiral Vertex Degree Nodes/Primitive Unit Cell Transitivity (Vertex,Edge)
sqc14260 bcs-f-e/simple tiling,isohedral tiling Ia-3d 230 cubic N {4,4} 72 (2,3)
sqc14282 fue Pm-3m 221 cubic N {4,4} 72 (2,6)
sqc14437 fty Pm-3m 221 cubic N {4,4} 96 (2,7)