EPINET Project Bibliography

The material provided in the EPINET Project website touches on a number of important topics. If you'd like to explore these topics further, here's a collection of our publications in the area as well as a list of recommended publications, books, and websites you might find useful.

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be an exhaustive bibiliography, but if you think there is a reference we have overlooked, please contact us and we'll do our best to include it. For publications by the EPINET project researchers we've included (where possible) a link to the DOI or other online version of each paper. If any of these links are unavailable please contact us to arrange reprints.

Our Recent Papers on The Hyperbolic Surface Tiling Approach

Earlier papers on the role of hyperbolic surfaces in crystalline structure

Suggested Further Reading

Minimal surfaces

Work applying periodic minimal surfaces in the natural sciences

Standard texts on differential geometry include discussions of minimal surfaces

More detailed differential geometry references

Hyperbolic geometry, symmetry, and tesselations

The hyperbolic plane online

Hyperbolic tesselations

General reference books for the mathematically inclined

Tiling patterns

2D Orbifolds and surface topology

Combinatorial Tiling Theory

Periodic networks and crystal structures

Databases and online resources

Books and papers