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S-net Space Groups

Listed here are the numbers of s-nets found in each of the 230 crystallographic space groups. A space group is not listed if there are no s-nets found for that group. Please use the navigation links at the top and bottom of the page to scroll through the list of space groups. Click on the space group name to see a list of all s-nets in that space group.

IUCr No. Name Chiral Symmetry Class Number of S-Nets
141 I41/amd N tetragonal 389
142 I41/acd N tetragonal 601
148 R-3 N rhombohedral 213
166 R-3m N rhombohedral 458
167 R-3c N rhombohedral 29
191 P6/mmm N hexagonal 5
199 I213 Y cubic 154
206 Ia-3 N cubic 78
208 P4232 Y cubic 428
211 I432 Y cubic 14