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Systre Nets

This page is a listing of the Systre networks collected in the EPINET project database. Please use the navigation links at the top and bottom of the page to scroll through the list of networks. Click on the small image of each network to see a larger image of that network or click on the network name to see a page of details for that network.

Image Network Other Names Space Group Space Group Number Symmetry Class Chiral Vertex Degree Nodes/Primitive Unit Cell Transitivity (Vertex,Edge)
sqc1 pcu, primitive cubic lattice Pm-3m 221 cubic N {6} 1 (1,1)
sqc3 bcu, body-centered cubic, 8/4/c1 Im-3m 229 cubic N {8} 1 (1,1)
sqc4 hexagonal primitive hex P6/mmm 191 hexagonal N {8} 1 (1,2)
sqc5 cds P42/mmc 131 tetragonal N {4} 2 (1,2)
sqc6 dia, diamond Fd-3m 227 cubic N {4} 2 (1,1)
sqc8 bct I4/mmm 139 tetragonal N {10} 1 (1,2)
sqc10 fsg Pmmm 47 orthorhombic N {4,6} 2 (2,4)
sqc11 fsc P4/mmm 123 tetragonal N {4,6} 2 (2,2)
sqc12 bnn, BN (trigonal bipyramid coordination) P6/mmm 191 hexagonal N {5} 2 (1,2)
sqc13 sqp, 5/4/t6, square pyramid net I4/mmm 139 tetragonal N {5} 2 (1,2)