Overview of EPINET Structures

Structure Types


Full image Hyberbolic Subgroup Tilings:
Full image Surface-compatible U-Tilings:


Full image 2D Hyperbolic nets (h-nets):
Full image 3D Systre nets (s-nets):

Symmetry Groups


Structures known by other names

Full image 3D Nets

Explanatory Notes

The epinet databases currently contain four types of atomic pages: subgroup tilings, U-tilings, h-nets and s-nets. The above links connect to lists of these pages organised by symmetry hierarchies. The four types of atomic pages are described below.

Structures known by other names
The 3D nets known by other names page lists some of the networks represented in EPINET that are already well known to crystallographers. The list is somewhat incomplete, and we welcome any new additions that you might find — just contact us.