Euclidean Patterns In Non-Euclidean Tilings

A catalogue of crystalline frameworks

The EPINET project catalogues crystalline frameworks (3-periodic nets) generated from hyperbolic surface tilings. Our aim is to enumerate structures with a broad spectrum of properties that are of potential interest to chemists and materials scientists working at arbitrary length scales. The underlying principal is the hyperbolic crystallography of triply periodic surfaces, which allows us to enumerate nets and their geometric realisations not easily accessible via other approaches.

Main reference

If you use data from EPINET please cite:
S.J. Ramsden, V. Robins and S.T. Hyde, ''Three-dimensional Euclidean nets from two-dimensional hyperbolic tilings: kaleidoscopic examples'', Acta Cryst. A 65, 81-108, (2009). [doi:10.1107/S0108767308040592]


The research leading to EPINET has received funding from an ARC Federation Fellowship awarded to Stephen Hyde (2005-2009) and an ARC Future Fellowship awarded to Vanessa Robins (FT140100604, 2015-2019).

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