This is EPINET version 3.0

The EPINET project contributes to the enumeration of crystalline frameworks (3-periodic nets) generated from tilings of two-dimensional hyperbolic surfaces. These structures are of potential interest to geometers, structural chemists and materials scientists working at arbitrary length scales.

The catalogues

3D systre nets (s-nets)
Each s-net page gives the topological and geometric information about a 3-periodic net obtained from tiling a periodic surface. We provide a link to search results from topcryst for each s-net and another link to RCSR if the s-net structure appears there. An s-net links to related h-nets.
2D hyperbolic nets (h-nets)
Each h-net page details a hyperbolic tiling with maximal symmetry for the given arrangement of tiles. An h-net links to related s-nets, U-tilings, and symmetry-lowered versions of the hyperbolic tiling.
2D-3D surface tilings (U-tilings)
Each U-tiling page illustrates a 2D hyperbolic tiling with its triply periodic surface compatible geometry. A U-tiling links to an h-net and related s-nets, and its 2D dual U-tiling page.
2D hyperbolic tilings
Each hyperbolic tiling page depicts a generic geometry for the given Delaney-Dress symbol. The tiling links to related U-tilings and to its maximal-symmetry h-net.
3D spacegroups
A table of s-nets listed by spacegroup.
2D hyperbolic orbifolds
A table of h-nets listed by orbifold.
2D-3D surface subgroups
A table of the surface-compatible hyperbolic subgroups and the corresponding 3D spacegroups of related surface tilings.

Further information

The team

The group responsible for EPINET development is Stephen Hyde (USyd), Stuart Ramsden (NCI Vizlab) and Vanessa Robins (ANU).

We are indebted to Olaf Delgado-Friedrichs (ANU) for assistance using his Systre software and 3D net visualiser.
The current webserver was coded by Ian Szarka using Ruby on Rails.
Graphic design assistance from Sungyeon Hong.
Earlier versions of the epinet database benefited greatly from Stuart Hungerford's guidance.

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