EPINET 3 Release notes and updates

EPINET 3.0 released April 2022.

This is a substantial reworking of the previous epinet website to bring its Ruby-on-Rails implementation up to date. There are improved s-net images, an interactive 3D net viewer, and embedded links to other net databases where relevant. We have added Well's 3D vertex symbol to the s-net topological data and the shortest cycle length can be used as a search parameter. To the h-net records we have added vertex coordination sequences.

All the original surface reticulations (U-tilings) have been reprocessed using the 2019 java version of Olaf Delgado-Friedrichs Systre software. This version of Systre can process “ladder nets” and nets with “vertex collisions”. The Epinet3 database contains 112 new s-nets, numbered sqc14533 to sqc14645. Note that each of these new s-nets has shortest edge length equal to '0' in its equilibrium placement. This means the geometric depiction does not appear to represent the s-net topology correctly. Additionally, many of these nets can not be handled by the WebGavrog visualisation tool.