h-net: hqc13

Topological data

Orbifold symbol*288
Transitivity (vertex, edge, ring)(1,1,1)
Vertex degrees{8}
2D vertex symbol {}
Vertex coordination sequence [(8, 56, 392, 2736, 19096, 133288)]
Delaney-Dress Symbol <13.1:1:1,1,1:8,8>
Dual net hqc13 (self dual)

Derived s-nets

s-nets with faithful topology

1 record listed.
Image s-net name Other names Space group Space group number Symmetry class Vertex degree(s) Vertices per primitive unit cell Transitivity (Vertex, Edge)
Full image sqc3 bcu Im-3m 229 cubic {8} 1 (1,1)

s-nets with edge collapse

Derived U-tilings

1 record listed.
Image U-tiling name PGD Subgroup Transitivity (Vert,Edge,Face) Vertex Degree Vertex Symbol P net G net D net
Tiling details UQC108 *4444 (2,1,2) {8,8} {}{} Snet sqc3 Snet sqc1 Snet sqc6

Symmetry-lowered hyperbolic tilings